We firmly believe in providing best-in-class services to our customers and this cannot be possible without adhering to international standards and principles. At BIAC, we constantly strive to comply with ISO standards including:  

- ISO 9001 Quality management system – ensures all our processes and procedures are standardized and regular audits are conducted to ensure compliance to local, standards and regulatory requirements. 

- ISO 45001 Health & Safety management system – ensures our staff are working in the most safe environment complying with PPE requirements, incidents/accidents are reported, documented and controlled, and safety hazards and risks are evaluated and Mitigation plans are in place.  

- ISO 14001 Environment Management system – ensures we take care of our environment (land, air, water) by adhering to relevant environmental corporate, local and regulatory requirements. Environment aspects and their impact are evaluated and mitigation plans are in place. 

BIAC is also working towards complying with IATA ISAGO requirements and achieve ISAGO certification in the near future.

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